I can’t find the recommended recommended serving measure?

Every container of MetaBuz™ has a screw cap bottle which is the recommended serving size. If you open your container and it is not there, then the recommended serve is 10.9g or approximately 28ml volume.

If your container does not have a recommended serve measure and you would like one, please contact us and we will send one to you free of charge.

I enjoy the taste but it does not dissolve.

The majority of the spices in MetaBuz™ come from the bark, roots, and seeds of plants and trees.  As such they are are not chemically altered or extracted- they are simply ground into small fibers or particles. They will not dissolve but merely remain in suspension. After time that will settle out to form a clump in the bottom and this may not taste pleasant.

To minimise settling out at the bottom, stir or shake as you drink. If you are drinking cold chai tea the addition of a few drops of lemon juice can reduce the sensation of fibers and clumping.

Are There Instructions for MetaBuz™

Yes there are many ways to serve MetaBuz™ Click on this instruction sheet link to download them.

I bought the two pouches at a stall after tasting a sample. At home when I mixed the required amount with water it did not dissolve and did not taste as pleasant.

At some events, we serve MetaBuz from a large dispenser over a period of time and the fibre settles out. This affects the taste.

We sometimes offer a sample to taste,  and then add a few drops of lemon juice to alter the taste and taste something different. Sometimes people prefer one taste to the other.

We also mix it well and allow it to stand before serving which helps MetaBuz™ to dissolve. So if you want it to taste exactly the same as those are some tips.

Funny enough what you eat just before to drink MetaBuz™ also affects the taste.

If you don’t like the taste feel free to approach us for a refund. We have an extremely low rate of unhappy customers but taste is a very personal thing. One person’s wine is another person’s vinegar.

Here is an instruction sheet on the many ways to take MetaBuz. One of them will certainly suit your taste.
Click here to download the instruction sheet.

How much you add to a particular volume of water also affects the taste. This is explained in the link below:

MetaBuz™ can be prepared to suit individual taste..click here for more info

How much MetaBuz™ should I have at once and at what time in the day?

MetaBuz™ is a herbal tea that can be prepared to suit individual taste.

Each pouch of MetaBuz™ comes with a screw capped bottle inside the pouch. This bottle is the recommended serving size of approximately 10.9g. The screw cap bottle seals well and fits easy in pockets and handbags. This means you can take your recommended serving size with you and have it on the go. There is no right or wrong way to consume MetaBuz™. Just take MetaBuz™ wherever, whenever and however you like best!

A container of MetaBuz™ holds approximately 34 recommended serving sizes. This serve can be mixed with hot or cold water to suit your taste. Mix a small amount to taste and make it as strong or as weak as you like.

Typically, people enjoy MetaBuz™ as a hot chai tea by mixing 1 teaspoon of MetaBuz™ with 225 ml hot water. This varies to suit personal taste preference.

If you prefer a cold chai tea, mix the recommended serve in 750ml to 1000ml of water.

A few drops of lemon juice (fresh, or purchased in plastic squeeze bottles) is a very pleasant addition.

If MetaBuz™  cold is not drunk within 30 minutes of mixing, it should be stored refrigerated.


How pure is your Stevia? Is there a chance you will omit this ingredient and let people sweeten their own to taste?

Our stevia is highly purified and is currently sourced from an Australian supplier whose business is 100% stevia related products.

It is added because most people prefer it. A few drops of lemon juice- natural or the bottled squeeze bottle type, change the taste to a more bitter one and hides the stevia taste.

We can’t please everyone 100% and this is the best compromise to suit the taste requirements of most people.

Liquorice – Does Liquorice in MetaBuz™ Cause High Blood Pressure

This is a medical issue and we will not provide any advice on these matters to individuals. Please consult your doctor.

Generally speaking, I take the liberty of cut and paste from Wikipedia:
Toxicity. The United States Food and Drug Administration believes that foods containing liquorice and its derivatives (including glycyrrhizin) are safe if not consumed excessively. Other jurisdictions have suggested no more than 100 mg to 200 mg of glycyrrhizin per day, the equivalent of about 70 to 150 g (2.5 to 5.3 oz) of liquorice.[8]

At the time of writing this FAQ 17/4/17: Liquorice in MetaBuz™ is a minor ingredient. It is nowhere near the above-mentioned levels. We have had no adverse  reports.

Please ask your doctor about the suitability and safety of any food for your own particular circumstances.

Is the stevia in MetaBuz™ extracted with alcohol?

Our supplier specialises in quality stevia products and advises at the time of writing:

“Stevia can be extracted using alcohol, water or glycerine.

Our stevia is extracted using a natural process that involves mainly water.”

Is it true that too much cinnamon can harm you? I have heard that Cassia cinnamon may have ill effects if too much is consumed.

MetaBuz™ is sold as a turmeric chai tea, and one of the ingredients is Ceylon Cinnamon Verum (the superior cinnamon type, as opposed to its less expensive cousin, Cassia). We source high quality ingredients for MetaBuz™.

We do not comment on health matters and politely refer customers to their health professionals for advice.

What I can say, is that we have had few reported problems related to cinnamon in our products. Very few people are allergic to cinnamon but it does happen. I have thoroughly researched MetaBuz™. My family and I drink it regularly.

Is MetaBuz™ gluten free? What about other food allergies?

Yes, MetaBuz™ is 100% gluten and dairy free.

Please refer to the detailed ingredient list current on the packaging.

Any food can be allergic to some people. MetaBuz™ has a very low allergy risk, but the following allergy risks have been made know to us:

  • Kelp;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Caffeine (present in green tea)

Will the green tea in MetaBuz™ damage my liver – I read an ABC report suggesting that too much green tea can harm the liver.

Here is the ABC report http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-14/man-faced-death-after-taking-popular-weight-loss-product/7162378

FULL QUESTION: Hi John, I love your product –MetaBuz™ and have been having it daily since October last year and …. ………. . .. …………

I hate to ask this question but the ABC did a story on a man than took a weight loss product and it resulted in liver failure and him having a transplant.

In the article it mainly points the blame to the supplement garcinia cambogia but if you read the full story it also includes Green Tea Extract.

In your listed  ingredients it states just Green Tea and I assume in a small amount.   I just wanted to check as feeling nervous and sorry to ask as I realise you are a scientist and I am sure everything is OK.”

ANSWER:  This is a great question. Always do your own research and obtain multiple viewpoints. Never trust anyone with your health-own it and take care  with anything that goes into your body. A good scientific website can be googled at PUBMED.

The ABC media report is balanced and starts with shocking photos of a very sick young man. The last part of the article contains several paragraphs which bring some balance to these images. Read the article in full, right to the end, then do some more of your own independent research.

The product in this article has a stamp that says AUST L….  bottom right of the package. This means that it is a therapeutic listed good not a food.

This article is a little misleading as it confuses food and a TGA listed product. “Food” means that a product is in a form traditionally known to man as an edible food. “TGA listed product” means that the owner of the product is making therapeutic claims and the product usually has been altered from that of a food. The green tea extract in this reported product is just that – an altered form of green tea. The green tea extract is a substance that has been extracted by a process either chemical, physical, heat or some other method to extract and in this case concentrate a part of the original green tea plant.

So ask this question- does the properties or appearance of petrol that you put in your car, bear any resemblance to the crude oil that flows from the ground? Clearly, no!

The same might be true of a substance extracted, concentrated and purified from any plant or food- it may bear little resemblance to the food that it came from.

MetaBuz™ is a food made from traditional foods without extraction, concentration or purification. It is labelled under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The major ingredients are named first and at the time of writing, turmeric, cinnamon (Ceylon type) and fennel make up over 80% of the ingredients. There is no evidence that green tea is harmful at the levels in MetaBuz™. We have had no reports of adverse effects other than some people are very sensitive to caffeine of any sort.

Does the Green tea in Metabuz contain tannin or caffeine?

Al green tea contains tannin and caffeine. We use only the highest quality ingredients and do not use extracts of green tea. There is another FAQ with more information about green tea extracts and why we do not use them, but rather, opt for pure, natural, unprocessed green tea.

What are the ingredients of MetaBuz™ chai tea?

Please refer to the package for the current information. The weights of the ingredients are not listed, as this is not required under Australian food labelling laws. Ingredients are listed in order of content- so, turmeric, cinnamon and fennel are the main ingredients.

Are the ingredients organic? Where to they come from?

Where available and at reasonable cost premium we prefer organic ingredients. For example at the time of writing about 7 ingredients are organic.

Other ingredients have suppliers certification for satisfactory levels of heavy metals, pesticides and microbial levels. We also do our own testing. We avoid ingredients from countries such where the food supply is not recognised as high quality.

Most of the ingredients in MetaBuz™ are originally from overseas countries such as India and Sri Lanka. The kelp is North Atlantic deep see kelp and is supplied to us as organic.

The above information is subject to change without notice but we always take care to source the best available ingredients.


Can I buy MetaBuz in a retail outlet?

There are currently a handful of stockists through the country. As MetaBuz is a relatively new product, this number is increasing every week. Once it gets to a critical mass, we will set up a directory online. This won’t be long. If you are a retailer this is a great opportunity to get on board. Please refer to FAQ “Distributor Enquiry”

I live in Australia and I Being Asked to Pay Airmail Postage?

This has only happened once and the customer typed in the delivery address incorrectly. She added a Caribbean island as her location instead of her real place of abode which was Australia.

I think I have a delivery due this month, but wanting to delay it to July as I have plenty left over. ….

Please contact us in writing or voice message,  under these circumstances and we will put your order on hold. You need to reactivate it when you are ready to re-order.

Why can’t you post MetaBuz™ to my house and leave it unattended until I get home?

When your order is processed, you should receive a tracking number. Delivery is secure and tracked. Deliveries in Australia are via Australia Post and there is no option to leave product if there is no person to take delivery. If premises are unattended, a card will be left and the product can be collected from the nearest Australia Post Office – many Post Offices offer a before hours collection service for people who work.

Why can’t I pay online with my credit card?

For one off orders the online payment gateway includes major credit cards.

Subscription orders are those which are regular and ongoing. Paypal software handles these orders and credit card payments are not available.

So you are probably trying to set up a subscription and only Paypal is accepted.

How do I cancel an autoship order?

Autoship orders are set up from the “Shop” menu. But at a certain point the purchasing process, the shop starts to want to send some information to your PayPal account. It can only do so if you open your PayPal™ account and agree.

Your Paypal account is the only software that can process a regular recurring autoship order. PayPal™ calls it a “Subscription”. Only you can set up a subscription. Only you can cancel or suspend a subscription inside your PayPal™ password protected software.

As a last resort if you totally forget how to use your own PayPal™ account we can manually delete your order from the MetaBuz.com.au online shop and that will also cease your Autoship. We need written instructions such as an email, letter or fax to do this.

How are postage and handling costs calculated? How soon is my order shipped? How can I SMASH postage and handling costs back to ZERO?



How are postage and handling costs calculated?  Our on line shopping has built in software that calculates postage at Australia Post rates. In addition to that, there is a handling cost of packing up an order, addressing the package, making a tracking number available and shipping the product same day.

We contract out the shipping and handling  to a dedicated supplier who is selected on a competitive tender basis. The costs that we are charged by our contractor are generally slightly more that the charges that are billed to you, the customer.

How soon does my order ship?  If your order is placed before 11.00am Perth time on a working day, it will usually be posted that day and you should receive a tracking number by email.

How can I reduce postage costs?   If you order larger amounts of MetaBuz™ less frequently, then shipping costs usually decrease. At the time of writing the wholesale carton ships free within Australia and some larger order amounts may also have free shipping.

How can I reduce postage costs Back To Zero?   Please watch the movie on the FAQ page of our website.

I can’t see my postage cost and my order won’t ship.

There can be a number of reasons for this. Please watch the movie below and work your way through the checklist.

  1. Go to the shop on www.metabuz.com.au
  2. Select your item to purchase.
  3. Select Add to cart.
  4. Select View cart.
  5. Login or else enter your details.
  6. Delete “Ship to different address” unless you really want to do that.
  7. Fill out your details.
  8. When you add postcode, the shipping costs will pop up at the bottom.
  9. Generate a password that is secure and that you can remember.
  10. Pay with Paypal if you have chose autoship regulalar subscription ie regular product shipment.
  11. Parcels cannot be left at door- Australia Post will leave a card for pickup.
  12. If you have further problems email us some screenshots.
  13. Of if you can’t to that send us an email through the “Contact us” window and send us a phone number to call you.
  14. Or else phone us.
  15. You may have to quit out of your browser and reopen it to remove hidden memory or cache.

How to Order MetaBuz™ and Pay With BARTERCARD Trade Dollars.


Step 1.

Go to the shop at www.metabuz.com.au and follow the purchase process until you decide what it is you want to buy. You will not be able to select any auto-ship options for technical reasons – auto-ship is a subscription and there is no technical way to do this on Bartercard. Consider the wholesale box which is postage free at the time of this video

If you do select something with a postage and handling charge you can even get the postage amount without actually making a purchase. We don’t allow postage and handling to be paid with Bartercard dollars.

Step 2.

Go to your online Bartercard members trading portal and go to Pay Member and pay us. Do not pay any postage as we do not allow postage to be paid with Bartercard.

Type our details exactly as below.


Biological Control Systems Pty Ltd

When completing the payment process may sure you send an email to us at contactus7611@biologicalcontrolsystems.com

Step 3.

And then just to make sure go to the web site www.metabuz.com.au and tell us again what you have paid on Bartercard and what product code and price you have paid.

Step 4. Wait until your transaction processes into our Bartercard account. We will create a coupon code for

one off usage for the product which you have paid. We will email that to you.

How long before my order is shipped?

If we receive your order before 11.00am Perth West Australia time, your order will ship same day via Australia Post and you should receive a tracking number.

Deliveries cannot be left at your door so if your premises are unattended a card to collect at the nearest post office will be left. Post offices often open early in the morning 6 or 7 am and Saturdays to cater for parcel collection for those who work. Is someone else collects your parcel please check the rules. They require identity/ authorisation checks before they release the parcel.

How do I create or change an autoship order?

Here is an online instruction movie on how to commence, alter or cancel your autoship order.

Where can I purchase more cheap MetaBuz such as the special offer I saw at an event?

Events are designed to attract new customers using promotional offers. So, if you happen to see us at an event and wish to purchase product at promotional offer prices then please do so there and then, at the time. We may have moved to another location by tomorrow.

Event prices are one off to encourage people to get started and are not available for ongoing orders. They are a one off promotional opportunity. They are not advertised or promoted due to the extremely low pricing we offer. So if you do come across us at an event stock up at the time.

We keep the price of MetaBuz™ as low as we can in order to share it with as many people we can. We also have to charge enough to fund our operations.

Our events are not advertised or publicised. We do not release the location of promotional events where staff will be operating on a day to day basis. Please do not ask our staff about the location of current events- they are not permitted to disclose this as a condition of their employment.

If you are interested in ongoing discount purchase options please visit our online shop. Here are some suggestions.

I want a cheap “event” 6 pack ASAP – I can’t wait any longer!

Hi there, I am pleased that you are loving MetaBuz™!

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the six pack unless we are selling at an event – these deals are occaisional only, for special events.

We can help in other ways:

1. If you are referring folks, I recommend that you register as an affiliate and get paid 20% for referrals. Then you can afford to give your MetaBuz™ to your friends! 

2. If this is not suitable then we offer online a 36 box at wholesale $1414 ($39.20 per container) which you can use or onsell to your friends. Postage is free at the time of writing (please check current status at the time of order). This will last you a long time, as shelf life is 4 years. That’s fantastic value overall!

Can I pick up my MetaBuz™ purchase to save money on postage?

Unfortunately you cannot call by and collect your MetaBuz™ purchase. We offer a convenient  online shop and a several outlets across Australia, however, unfortunately our workplace does not have facilities to cater for retail sales.

We have negotiated good postage rates that provide a cost effective solution. If you would like to order larger amounts postage and handling will be cheaper. If purchasing 12 months supply or the jumbo box of 36, please mention the code FREEPOST and we’ll pay for the postage for you!

I am interested in reselling MetaBuz™ as a retailer i.e. buy wholesale and sell retail. Is this possible?

We welcome resellers or retailers of MetaBuz™. It is a condition of becoming a reseller that you provide advice to clients limited to that which is provided on the web site or which we provide. You must not make therapeutic claims concerning MetaBuz™. It is covered by the Australia New Zealand Food Code and is a turmeric chai tea.

The easiest way to become a reseller is:

  1. Click on the word SHOP menu on the website.
  2. Select Wholesale carton of 36 containers. $1453.56 (subject to change)  with free shipping within Australia. For pricing for larger quantities please contact us directly.
  3. Click on add to cart.
  4. Click on view card.
  5. Proceed to checkout and follow the prompts.
  6. Remember your user name and password for future reference.
  7. Your order will be despatched the same working day if we receive the order before 11.00am Perth time. We use Australia Post with tracking numbers.
  8. Contact us is you would like training movies or sales and marketing materials to demonstrate the product. I am available on the phone to assist resellers if the answer is not on our website, John 0427 748 720 Western Australian working hours, please.
  9. The wholesale price is $40.37 (subjedt to change) per container of MetaBuz™
  10. The RRP is $73.51 and retailers sell this for the price that they set. Typically around the $75 mark.
  11. We honour all returns, warranties and guarantees. If there is a product return please contact us and we will send replacement product if the returned product has been opened or damaged.
  12. For your first wholesale box order, we back our product with a 45 day cooling off period. If you change your mind for any reason we will purchase back the unopened product that you wish to return at the price you paid.

How do I order outside Metabuz from outside of Australia?

Our shopping cart has international shipping enabled. Just follow the standard procedure and it will process as normal and ship same day if we receive your order before 11.00am Perth Australia time. Let me know how your order processes and any feedback would be welcome.

Where is my subscription order? It is late.

Please login and check your order status.

If you place an order before 11.00am Perth time it will be usually be despatched same day and you should receive a tracking number.

How do I order Metabuz if I am not good with computers?

If you are not good with computers don’t worry. Please phone us 08 9445 3478. If your query is not answered to your satisfaction, the CEO will take your call or SMS on 0427 748 720

Here is a hard copy order form for you to complete and email to sales7611@bodybuz.com.au if you prefer:

Download order form by clicking here.

..OTHER... (12)

Why am I asked to pay postage in order to obtain a refund?

Our refund policy is explained very clearly in section 2.06 Exchange, Refunds and Returns Policy. At the time of writing, there is a link to this at the bottom of every web page. There is also a copy on-site at our events, shops, and stalls.

We accept returns at our events, stalls, and shops if they are still open when the customer wants to return the product. Check with us first as often our events are on the day, a few days or a week, then we move to another location.

Please contact us to obtain a return authorisation number to ensure smooth processing of your refund prior to posting. If they are posted back to us, this is at the cost of the purchaser. This is made clear in our refund policy as is required by consumer law.

This is very standard practice for most consumer items, repairs, and warranties.

A copy of our refund policy is available upon request at our events, expos, and shops as required by consumer law.

The ZIP lock on my bag is broken. Will MetaBuz™ go off if the pouch does not seal?

We have had problems with the packaging and this is one of them. The product will not go off if kept at normal room temperatures regardless of the zip seal working or not. We are working to resolve this issue quickly.

We will replace any damaged bags upon request.

Step 1. Email us through the contact us page of this website.
Step 2. We will provide a return authorisation number and approve the return of the product for replacement.
Step 3. Post the product back or return it to where you purchased the product.
Step 4. We will send the replacement product.

My pouch of my MetaBuz™ container is broken.

We have had isolated occasions when the recommended serve breaks through the pouch during transport. We have sourced stronger pouches and are in the process of rectifying this problem.

Damaged pouches will be replaced under warranty. Please complete a warranty return form we supply, post the product back and we will issue replacements/s

Breast feeding. Can I Drink MetaBuz turmeric chai tea whilst breastfeeding?

No one has reported any issues.  But this sounds like a medical question so please check with your treating health professional.

Can you send me a sample to try?

Q: “Do you have samples?  I would like to try before I try please. This product was recommended to me by a friend.”

A. “No, we don’t post samples due to the high costs in Australia. The product does have a generous refund policy. Perhaps your friend could give you a little to try?”

Can I travel internationally with MetaBuz™ turmeric chai tea in my luggage?

At the time of writing this we are not aware of any restrictions in any country. MetaBuz™ is a manufactured powdered blend of spices and lots of people travel with these every day.

It is different to raw bark, leaves or plant material which can harbour pests, seeds and plant diseases.

We recommend that you declare it just to be on the safe side. Allow the authorities to process the matter. If any person does have problems please let us know the details so we can post it here.

We will consider replacement of product in the unfortunate event that an entry problem into a foreign country does occur.

Can you get capsules instead of powder?

MetaBuz™ turmeric chai tea comes in packets as a dry powdered mix of spices. It is not available in capsules.

Medical questions.

Please don’t confuse MetaBuz™ turmeric chai tea with therapeutic turmeric usually sold by health professionals in capsule or tablet form. We will not answer questions of a medical nature. Please contact your health professional for all medical questions.

Prescription Medications – I just bought some of your product and I have read on the internet that caution should be used when taking blood thinners with turmeric. What is the word on this?

We are not qualified to give medical advice. Please seek medical advice from your treating medical doctor.

Examples of other similar food and beverage-related issues include

  • Foods such as grapefruit interact with some medications- see medical advice from your treating medical doctor.
  • Some foods such as soft cheeses are not usually recommended during pregnancy – see medical advice from your treating medical doctor.

Just as the grocer should not talk to you about medications that interact with grapefruit, or cheeses than can be at risk to pregnant women, we will not talk about the spices in MetaBuz™ in relation to medical matters.

MetaBuz™ should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition. MetaBuz is a turmeric chai tea. It is subject to the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

How do I get your newsletter? I want more information about turmeric and MetaBuz™

Thats an easy one! The newsletter registration is at the bottom right hand corner of the home page, click here. Simply enter your name and email address and you will receive a confirmation email that you will receive our newsletters.

Why is my MetaBuz™ now shipped in a paper pouch instead of a plastic jar? Can I still get jars that you used to use?

We swapped to paper pouches for environmental and cost reasons. Currently our pouches are mainly paper and soon they will be all paper. This option is a lot more environmentally sustainable,  both in terms of carbon inputs and with regards to disposal (pouches require less landfill and are biodegradable.) We no longer stock or supply plastic jars.

We have had some minor teething problems with the pouches. If you have a problem please let us know and return your product for replacement or refund if your wish. New pouch designs are being sought all the time to improve the quality of your experience.

Please keep the feedback coming. We do listen and act where appropriate!

HELP – I have another question that isn’t answered here!

If We Still Have Not Answered Your Question or Provided Good Service The Buck Stops Here… Contact The CEO!

If your questions have not been answered here in our FAQ, please go to our contact us page and send us a message as follows:

“My question is xxxxxx xxxx  I have checked the FAQ page of your web site and my question has not been answered. Please have someone contact me”

Finally, if you are not happy with our service please phone or SMS CEO John Charlick on 0427 748 720 during working hours (Perth Western Australia).


How Do I Get A Refund?

In Australia there is a set of consumer laws that both the consumer and the merchant must follow.

Here is our refund policy as required by law. Please check the latest policy which can be found at bottom of each web page.

2.06 Exchange, Refunds and Returns Policy.

BodyBuz will exchange/refund any MetaBuz™ chair tea product within 14 days of the purchase transaction if the product is returned in its original packaging and submitted with proof of purchase (tax invoice/receipt, EFTPOS slip and/or packaging slip).

Customers returning products do so at their own cost and risk.

Any orders sent internationally to countries other than Australia are non-refundable.

BodyBuz will replace any goods that are delivered to their destination in a faulty or damaged condition. If Customers lodge a notification of their intention to return a damaged good to the Customer Service Department within 24 hours of the product’s delivery we will ship a replacement as a priority.

Our pop up stalls and events are not authorised to issue refunds for security reasons. These staff are not trained to do this. They do not have the facilities to issue a refund. They do not have the access codes to the EFTPOS machines to issue refunds.

Exchange/Refunds will only be reimbursed after the product has been received.

Any orders sent internationally to countries other than Australia are non-refundable.

Where there is a conflict between an Australian consumer protection law and this policy, the law shall prevail.